9/11 Generation

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I was commissioned around 5 years ago to make a film alongside Nafe Anam for a student edition of emel Magazine called embox. We spoke to a number of young Muslims who grew up in the aftermath of the terror attacks in New York in 2001 and how much of an impact it made whilst doing so.


Faizan Yousefzai, a British Pashtun and economics graduate reflects on how the events of 9/11 has changed the way mainstream society recognises Muslims.

Farah Elahi, a graduate from SOAS, reflects on her personal experiences of how 9/11 has changed her life.

Megh F, a Masters graduate originally from Florida and with family in New York, talks about 9/11 and her conversion to Islam.

Oussama Mezoui reflects on his experiences of being a British Muslim in post 9/11 London and how much it has affected the way he lives.

Rugena talks about how her life has changed in the aftermath of the September the 11th 2001. She has been a victim of numerous Islamophobic attacks, which have lead Rugena to pursue a degree in Politics and to get involved in interfaith dialogue within her community.

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