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I’m heading out on the Soul Rally 2015 today (02.08.15) for the second year (the rally has been going on for much longer).

It’s a charity rally with multiple cars that travels from the UK, through France, Spain and then finishes in Morocco. It’ll take us around 8 days to reach there, and at the end of the trip in Marrakech, we’ll be visiting an orphanage called LMPE Marrakech. Here’s some info about what they do –

We’ve been in touch with them and they’ve given us a list of things that they’d like which includes, baby milk, nappies, children’s medical supplies, food, some clothes and toys.

We’re taking a number of things from here that people have kindly donated, but also raising a bit of money too. This will help us buy locally sourced things from over there (which will aid in the local economy too)

If you’d like to donate to our shopping list, please fill in the form below. Even if it’s £5/£10/£20 (stretches to a lot in Moroccan dirhams)

[qpp form=”donatetolmp”]

[thermometer raised=240 target=1000]

Here are the highlights from last year’s rally. We visited an orphanage in Tetouan at the end of the trip. It’s towards the end of the film.

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